Assessment for Hiring and Promotion

There are two critical aspects to selecting the right person for a job:

  1. Having an accurate understanding of the behavioral and leadership traits needed for success in the role
  2. Using the right methods to screen for it.

Doing both dramatically increases your chances of making the right choice.

At Talent Acumen, we believe strongly in doing our homework to understand your culture, what makes a leader successful in your organization, and the specific skills and characteristics that are critical for the role.

We will recommend an assessment strategy that will paint a full picture of the candidate based on your unique requirements.  Assessments may target one or more of the following areas:

  • Leadership and business competencies
  • Personality
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Cognitive capabilities (e.g. critical thinking, decision-making, judgement)

Assessments frequently used include:

  • Hogan Assessment Systems (including Hogan 360 and High Potential Reports)
  • Bar-On EQ-i Emotional Quotient Inventory
  • Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal
  • Wesman Personnel Classification Test (Verbal Reasoning)